How Numbers Change: Kindergarten Mathematicians

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Learning, Our Stories

Having completed their first unit in math, Kindergarten students kicked off their new unit on 2-dimensional figures and quantities. They are currently working on comparing quantities 1-20, and identifying how a number changes when you add and subtract from it.

One of the lessons in this unit is called “tens buddies”, in which students learn number combinations that add up to ten. They use a variety of manipulatives to practice visualizing the quantities, such as playing cards and cuisenaire rods.

Kindergarten works closely with Rashi’s Math Specialist, Fallon Katz, and has been strengthening their skills through fun games such as “Shut the Box”, “Get on My Boat”, “Feed the Pumpkin”, and “More/Less”. The class has also been comparing dominos, practicing their observation skills to notice patterns, changes, and continue sequences.

To continue their mathematical education outside the classroom, students and parents have been encouraged to continue these games at home by counting snacks and talking through how adding or subtracting would change the quantity.