“b-bat-/b/”—Kindergarten Literacy Fun

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Learning, Our Stories, Lower School



Our Kindergartners are taking to literacy like fish in water, fully engrossing themselves in various activities to master letter writing, recognition, and pronunciation. “We take a multi-sensory approach to education where students can experience learning through a variety of modalities,” said lead teacher Amanda Findlay.


“We drew letters on the board, practiced writing in our books, and did letter yoga,” said Kindergartner Sophia C. 

Students began their lesson by gathering as a class at the Promethean board, watching as lead teacher Rachel Liptz demonstrated how to write a lowercase t, b, and f. “Students listened to and echoed the phonetic sound to the letters t, b, f then used fine motor skills to write these letters,” said Amanda. 


They then practiced individually in their personal workbooks, writing each letter eight times. The students also took a moment for self reflection, looking back at their work and circling what they thought was their strongest version of each letter. 

“‘b’ was the easiest, and I think ‘f’ was the hardest,” noted student Liam S. 


“To culminate the activity, we moved through a yoga sequence using our bodies to create animal poses corresponding to the letters we learned,” Amanda explained. Using the book ABC For Me: ABC Yoga by Christiane Engel, students matched their letters and animals. “My favorite part was the yoga,” said Sophia C. 

This was a fun, interactive way for students to reflect on what they learned, practice recognizing and forming sounds, and matching letters correctly to words. “Fox pose was for ‘f’,” said Logan R.W., “it was my favorite!”