Making Animal Advocacy Personal

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Learning, Our Stories, Social Justice

Nathan K is a Grade 5 student this year. He nominated one of this year’s Tamchui organizations, Four Paws. Today, his class was taught a lesson about Four Paws and their work worldwide to help animals in need by a group of passionate Grade 7 students. A representative from Four Paws, Mandy Pleshaw, came to Rashi and spoke with groups of students about how she got involved in animal welfare, the work Four Paws does, and what each of us should do if we see an animal in need (if you see something, say something!).

(What you do) doesn’t have to be big because every little thing helps.

We sat down with Nathan to learn more about his connection with Four Paws and his experience of Tamchui, an  annual school-wide social justice education initiative at Rashi. Tamchui invites families to support and join students and teachers in learning how to make our world better and more equitable for all.

Mandy Pleshaw (L) and Nathan K (R)

Why I nominated Four Paws:

My cat recently got diagnosed with pancreatitis, but he’s better now. He stayed at Angel Memorial Hospital, which is connected to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Because of that experience, we researched animal organizations and found Four Paws and saw that it’s a great organization (and decided to nominate it).

Mandy sharing about Four Paws on a panel at Rashi

Learning about Four Paws:

Made me realize that animals are so similar to us. We need to help them, because we have a voice, and they don’t have a voice. If we help them, it’s going to turn out well for us too.

How can one of your 5th grade classmates help animals?

They could go to an animal sanctuary. I am planning to go to one to see if I can meet the animals and see what I can do to help. I would also say to them: (what you do) doesn’t have to be big because every little thing helps. So make a small donation, and it’ll make a big difference in the end.

Did you learn new things about Four Paws?

I didn’t know they had different branches, that they’re all coordinated. I didn’t know that each location (has a focus)…one works on strays, one works on farm animals, I knew they did all of those, but I didn’t know they were separate. I thought Four Paws was newer but it’s been for longer–30 years!

Mandy and Grade 7 students preparing their lesson on Four Paws

How many pets do you have?

I have cat brothers named Louie and Ziggy. Louie tries to take Ziggy’s pride. They will turn four in April.

Closing Thoughts:

I think Tamchui really helps, it’s a great thing to help the world…each token (makes) a big difference. Rashi didn’t have to do this but they did because they want to help the world and they did!

Learn more about Tamchui here.

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