Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts


List of 15 news stories.

  • Celebrate Glenda Speyer - At Rashi Since 2001

    For sixteen years, Glenda Speyer’s intellect, emotion, and spirit, witnessed through her teaching of students and colleagues, have guided Rashi as a school and all of us who come through its doors.
  • American poet, author, and teacher Gwedolyn Brooks

    Language Arts: Ready for Page Three

    Coming into the classroom, there is a buzz of excitement. “Are we doing page three today?” a student inquires enthusiastically – a question that has become part of the routine during the 8th-grade poetry unit.
  • Larry Tobin (Rashi '01)

    Meet Rashi's 2017 Tikkun Alum Honorees

    Larry Tobin '01 and Rosie Eiduson '09 are recognized as the 2017 recipients of the Tikkun Alum Award.
  • The Design Process: Catching the Wind

    Rashi's fourth graders designed and built anemometers to measure the speed of the wind.
  • Daniel R. with Gold Star Parent Amir Khan

    Rashi Students Attend ADL Youth Congress

    What was it like for these students to attend this year's ADL Youth Congress?
  • Teaching: A Great Way to Learn!

    As part of their Hebrew class, sixth graders designed and taught a lesson for Kindergarteners about parts of the body.
  • Shapiros: Rashi's Impact is on the Whole Family

    These alumni parents are proud of the impact that The Rashi School had on their children but the impact that Rashi had on them was totally unexpected.
  • Purim Cards Reach Soldiers Overseas

    "They are to observe these as days of feasting and gladness, and for sending delicacies to one another, and giving gifts to the poor." (Esther 9:22)
  • Ivdu Et Ad-nai B'Simcha, Worship G-d in Joy

    The goals of worship here are threefold: to be able to recite prayers and participate in worship, to understand the meaning of those prayers, and to foster in each student a sense of a spiritual self.
  • Marla at the opening meeting on Meet the Reps day

    What Made This Conservative Jew Choose The Rashi School for Her Children

    "...when we learned about the Rashi Purim Tamchui Project, there was no turning back."
  • Civil Discourse in the Classroom

    Engaging in conversation with someone whose opinions are different from yours can be hard.
  • Stephanie Rotsky with Yael the morning she made her donation

    The Impact of Tamchui

    This letter to our Social Justice Coordinator from the parent of a first grader speaks volumes of the impact of the Rashi Purim Tamchui project.
  • Rashi Kindergarteners program Lego robots using WeDo

    Coding in Every Grade

    Little fingers point and click, piecing together code on their laptop screens, building structures that look more like puzzle pieces falling into place than programming code being written.
  • Leading and Being Led: Life Lessons from Team Sports

    Participating in interscholastic athletics is not just a privilege for our Upper School students (those in Grades 5-8), it's an opportunity to learn important life lessons.
  • On an outdoor excursion during science class, Kindergarteners look for animal footprints in the snow.

    Outdoor Learning Spaces

    We often encourage our students to learn actively in spaces outside of the classroom walls. When our desks are empty, we are out in the world, learning from what we find.