Patterns All Around Us

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Learning, Our Stories

Patterns are all around us! Our Kindergarteners have been working on developing patterning skills in the world around them, in clothes, numbers, colors, sounds, shapes and more. Recognizing patterns are building blocks for students’ later numeracy. Identifying, creating, continuing, and discussing patterns help Rashi Kindergarteners build their foundation to become strong mathematicians.

Over the year, Kindergarteners have sharpened their ability to recognize and create patterns. Our skilled teachers have used the school environment, nature, and technology (see pictures below) to help student recognize patterns.

In the picture above, Ruby is creating a pattern of triangles from her choice of colors and shapes.

Later, students recognized patterns around them, here’s what Kindergarten teachers had to say:“Patterns are everywhere! Patterns can come in the form of images, sounds, language, movement, and more! We discovered patterns in books, illustrations, in our classroom, and by using our bodies.”

Students read a wonderful book called Pattern Bugs. Students extended and created patterns using a variety of mediums. In one activity, Kindergarteners used classroom materials to create patterns and then extended each other’s patterns (and then washed hands). Later in the week, students created movement patterns so that they could program their friends to move like robots.

More recently, Kindergarteners developed their own patterns using a variety of manipulatives, drawing corresponding jumps on a blank number line. Students practiced this skill outside with their own chalk patterns and matching jumps on a number line.

Kindergarten will continue exploring patterns, strengthening their mathematical ‘muscles.’