Rashi Connections Strengthen Alumni Network

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Alumni Class Notes

Rashi alumni in the Boston area had the opportunity to meet with Board member David Frankel for an evening of networking in Cambridge on February 15.

David opened the roundtable discussion by taking the alumni on his personal and professional journeys, from when (still in his twenties!) he co-founded and served as CEO of Internet Solutions (IS), the largest ISP and private data carrier in Africa, up to his current position: Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Founder Collective, an investment fund for founders of new companies at the seed stage. In describing the journey, which included many additional stations, David spoke about the many lessons he learned along the way: the importance of staying true to oneself, the need to take risks while also accepting that some risks will fail, and much more.

The alumni, who ranged in age from high school seniors to professionals in their late twenties then engaged in a give-and-take conversation about entrepreneurship, venture capital, and thoughts about future trends.

“Perhaps the most extraordinary part about this event was that it was not out of the ordinary,” said Sam Glasgow (Rashi ’08). “An evening with David would be a rare occurrence in any other setting, but Rashi is the gift that keeps on giving. Long after I graduated, moved on to high school, then college, and now a career, it is my Rashi network that I come back to first. My Rashi connections are my strongest connections and my Rashi friends are my best friends.”

Having seen such success from this networking event, the alumni association hopes to hold more networking meetings with Rashi board members, parents, and alumni parents in the future.