Rashi is an Extension of Everything We Love About Our Temple

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Our Stories

By Jessica Carroll, Rashi parent

IMG_5710Temple Beth Elohim was a given for us. We knew it was where we wanted to start our Jewish journey with our family.  When Leah, our oldest daughter, was 2, we joined the temple so that we could make sure to get a spot at the preschool, Gan Elohim.

I remember my first experience with The Rashi School, when Leah was 3. The Rashi Middle School drama group came to preschool and sang some songs and did some acting for the preschoolers and they were so impressive.  They were so amazing. I was nowhere near ready to think about Kindergarten, so I sort of filtered that away.

Then as time went on and Kindergarten was approaching, our preschool director started saying that we really needed to look at Rashi for her because it was an extension of everything we loved about Temple Beth Elohim. Especially as I looked at who my kids were and thought about how they flourished at the our preschool, it felt like Rashi was a natural evolution for them. Leah entered Rashi in Kindergarten, followed by Jonah and now Jordy.

I love that our temple’s Rabbis are present at Rashi.  I love that my kids are comfortable running through the halls of TBE even though they don’t go to Sunday School there.

It us gives the best of both worlds.

The Rashi School is accepting applications on a space-available basis. For more information, go to www.rashi.org/admissions