Tamchui Reflections

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Our Stories

Tamchui is a philanthropy project during which Rashi students learn about five organizations that help children, and then decide how to allocate their “chips” among the organizations. For more details on Tamchui, go to www.rashi.org/tamchui.

This year, several Rashi parents shared their reflections on Tamchui and the effect it has on their children.

Every year during Tamchui, our children meet five new friends. They learn about five amazing charities that help others – how they were started, whom they help, and what makes them special. For two weeks, Rashi children get to spend time with, know and love them. Over time, when our children run into these organizations when they’re out and about, looking back through their Rashi memorabilia, or in the media, they get that thrill of recognizing an old best friend. – Joni Burstein

As a family new to the Rashi School, the Tamchui experience has been deeply moving. We have been struck by the way an entire community joined together to take on an incredibly complex project – a project with a deep sense of purpose, passion and commitment. The opportunity to instill in our children a sense of obligation to reach out as well as the sense of effectiveness and enthusiasm that can be experienced as a result has been invaluable. During the school-wide assembly marking the closing of this year’s Purim Tamchui project, I was filled with pride and emotion as I watched my fourth grade son stand on stage reciting quotes from fellow Rashi students describing their personal experiences with Tamchui. As I then glanced over at my sixth grade son and saw the look of anticipation and excitement in his eyes as the total of the funds raised during Tamchui was about to be announced, I truly felt thrilled and grateful for the opportunity that our family has had to be welcomed into this very special kehillah. – Lisa Sussman

After seeing the movie The Lorax with my son Avi, a Rashi kindergarten student, we discussed its message about the need to conserve our resources and the importance of balancing the environment with economic growth and how Ted, the movie’s hero, succeeds in bringing back the trees. I asked Avi if he could think of other heroes who are making a difference in the world and without any hesitation he said: “Nicholas from Gotta Have Sole.”

I was amazed and so pleased that in his very first year of learning about Tamchui Avi already thinks of the representatives (or at least of Nicholas) as heroes! Tamchui representatives are real heroes and they serve as wonderful examples to our children that they too can make a difference in our world. Thanks to Tamchui our children not only have five new friends but alsonew heroes! – Ivona Olszak