Writing Blessings in Color

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

Grade 4 students recently learned about the Tanzanian Kanga cloth in Art class with Ms. Smiley.

The Kanga cloth has colorful patterns with messages and blessings. They then created a version of their own! This project combines elements of the Grade 4 curriculum around Africa, and the art curriculum, learning how to plan, design, and execute an abstract design–from initial sketch to final full color creation!

Each student chose a message or blessing that was meaningful to them.

They then created an abstract design on a foam printing plate. Then the Grade 4 artists printed the pattern nine times to create a grid. Finally, they wrote their message or blessing on their background paper.

Here’s how several explained their finished pieces:

Skylar: “Don’t look back at the path or worry about the future.”

Basically I did these designs. At minyan we do this song this song “I Am Grateful For.” So this reminded me of it. I really like that song. I just did these designs randomly. I did these swirls because for the past–it’s going back around–and for the future— it’s coming back in.

Adam: “Life is a path with a lot of turns!”

So I chose this design because I felt like the road…life is basically a bunch of choices which is represented in paths. I did swirls to represents paths. And stars to represent choices because there are so many choices to make in life.”


Amelie: “Repetition is the creator of skill.”

As you can see my message is “Repetition is the creator of skill.” I did a bunch of circles to represent repetition. And then a funky shape to represent skill. I did a bunch of prints and a lot didn’t turn out good, but that shows that repetition is the creator of skill. I saw it on a fortune cookie. I play soccer and I’ve seen the people who practice everyday and go to foot skills clinic a lot are better than the people who don’t.