Rashi's Middle School teachers lead by example and walk the walk.
Guided by high expectations and clear boundaries, students in the Middle School venture beyond their comfort zone, try new things and take risks as they explore more complex ideas and concepts and develop higher order thinking skills and self confidence.

The Middle School is a safe place to be an early adolescent — a supportive, close-knit community that fosters strong connections among classmates and teachers. What is special about the Middle School is the interest the adults take in the children. The relationship between teachers and students is deep and complex. Students have an advisor who guides them through adolescence, through daily advisories, weekly community blocks, lunch hours, and recess.

Academically motivated and deeply skilled, our Middle School graduates are capable, confident, self-aware learners, well-prepared to thrive at the most challenging private, Jewish, and public high schools.
Beyond the classroom, Rashi’s Middle School offers a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, including: student government, interscholastic sports, school newspaper, yearbook, electives, and extended trips.