An Exceptional Kindergarten Experience

A Rashi education begins by cultivating the natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in every child. In their formative years, children learn to understand the world around them through observation, exploration, and inquiry. Learning is hands-on, not only in the classroom but on our 162-acre campus—with the Charles River, walking trails, a pond and vernal pool right in our own backyard.

Kindergarten enables our youngest students to acquire foundational skills – the building blocks – of learning. We pride ourselves on our expertise in differentiated instruction: we meet each student where they are and challenge them to move out of their comfort zones. As students mature, classes explore increasingly complex ideas and concepts while building independence and personal and academic responsibility. Rashi Kindergarten faculty help students understand themselves as learners and adopt strategies that suit their individual learning styles.

Our classes lay the groundwork for lifelong learning, equipping a play-based environment with the tools for the intellectual, social and emotional growth of every child, and prepares students for our academically rigorous and supportive higher grades.


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Our Classroom Model

At Rashi, we believe that children learn best with the right balance of nurture and challenge, in an environment where they can interact with a wide variety of peers.

The kindergarten class benefits from our collaborative teaching model. Students have plenty of peer choice as well as opportunities to work in small homogeneous and heterogeneous groups. Our student:teacher ratio is typically around 6:1, spanning classroom teachers, Lower School generalists, learning specialists, division directors, and other faculty. Grades K-5 are supported by a literacy specialist and a numeracy specialist who work directly with students and with the grade-level teachers to design innovative, student-centered lessons in language arts and math.

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Jewish Learning

An education at Rashi speaks to a student’s mind, heart, and soul. Our students study Jewish texts, values and concepts in academically rigorous learning environments. There is a strong focus on making “text to self” connections so that students recognize the relevance of Jewish lessons to their everyday lives; we approach Jewish learning as a modern, living subject. Children learn to see the world through a Jewish lens, becoming proud and knowledgeable Jews with strong Jewish identities.

Social Emotional Learning

At Rashi, we draw on nearly 6,000 years of Jewish heritage to cultivate in our students an authentic moral compass and a strong code of ethics, or derech eretz—the Hebrew term for Jewish ethical behavior. We live our values everyday at school—and they reflect the ones you teach your child at home.

If you walked into a Kindergarten classroom, you might hear a teacher welcome the children: “Hi mathematicians, today we are going to solve lots of different problems,” address a challenge the class is facing, and work through an activity that addresses the challenge, with ways to practice their new skills.

One of our central goals as a school community is to create and build positive relationships with each of our students, knowing them and their individual needs deeply: where their strengths lie, being able to differentiate instruction and supports, and finding the necessary tools to help each of our students shine. We work to build positive skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Kindergarten Visits Northeastern’s Marine Science Center

Rashi’s Kindergarten class went on its first field trip in three years to Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center. From the moment they exited the bus, the children were full of energy and excitement for what they might see and learn as they were greeted by the center’s science educators.