Love Letter from a Graduating Parent

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Alumni Class Notes, Our Stories

Dear Rashi,

I can’t believe our relationship is ending, or at least significantly changing. We have been together for nine years. True, not every moment was perfect, but what relationship is 100% smiles and sunshine? I tried to be the best partner I could be and you always seemed to recognize that and reward it with 100% of what you had to offer. You helped me raise my kids. Together we gave Sydney ’11 and Zachary ’13 the foundation for life that they needed. Together we developed two young adults who know what it means to work hard for results. We gave them a Jewish identity. We taught them right from wrong. We taught them how to stand up to injustice, to act for the weak, and to speak for those without a voice.

But, my dear Rashi, you did something else. You lit a flame in me that will burn bright for the rest of my life. You enabled me to find the best in me. You reminded me that life is about partnerships, friendships and doing for others. You made Jodi’s beautiful voice become a voice that leads others in prayer. You found friends for me that I cherish. You showed me that life’s path can, and does, have surprises along the way that take us beyond where we thought we would and could go.

So as our days come to a close, I need you to know I will always love you and, most importantly, that I will take the lessons you taught me and instill them in others. Just imagine what the world would be like if it was one big Rashi community.

Until we meet again.

Jim Blankstein