Math in Action—Tools to Support Mathematical Thinking

A hallmark of Rashi's curriculum is incorporating hands-on, experiential learning to aid students in absorbing

L’dor V’dor: From Generation to Generation.

From Rashi Head of School Adam W. Fischer As we look forward to welcoming grandparents

Comfort Food, Ruach (Spirit), and Kehillah (Community)

From Head of School Adam W. Fischer   With the first few weeks of school

Tashlich at Rashi

How do you put a modern take on an ancient ritual? At the Rashi School,

Grade 6 Oceanographers

The first unit of the school year in Grade 6 science is about physical oceanography.

“b-bat-/b/”—Kindergarten Literacy Fun

“b-bat-/b/”   Our Kindergartners are taking to literacy like fish in water, fully engrossing themselves

What’s in Those Tide Pools?

Rashi’s Kindergartners visited Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center in Nahant, MA for a day filled

Grade 5: Holocaust Studies and What it Means to be an Upstander

While students observe holidays and memorials and hear stories from community members, formal Holocaust education

Grade 8 Presents Stellar Capstone Projects

Rashi’s Grade 8 class finalized their school year with 41 remarkable capstone projects. In a

Grade 7 Class Trip: Exploring the History of American Civil Rights

Rashi’s Grade 7 class embarked last week on its first-ever civil rights trip through the

Faculty Spotlight: Jessica Solomon, Grade 5 Teacher

In your 17 years of working here, what are some things that are new at

Alumni Spotlight: Ali Janower ’18

What have you been up to since graduating Rashi? I attended Noble and Greenough School
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